Financial Solutions for You and Your Business

Business owners/executives are laying awake at two o'clock in the morning staring at the ceiling with a variety of worries. Our Blueprints for Tomorrow process presents them with different blueprints from an exit strategy for a business to a succession plan to help them sleep better. When you take time to consider these Blueprints, it becomes clear that they can be summarized with four questions:

1. What if I don't want to do this anymore? 

I might want to sell my business to a third party. I might want to transfer my business to my children or key employees. Will I be ready financially?  Do I have an exit strategy for a business that works?

2. What if something happens to me? 

What if I die or become disabled? What happens to my family, my employees, my business? Have I prepared for the estate tax consequences? Will my spouse receive a fair distribution for my share of the business?

3. What if my key employees leave? 

How can I identify the strengths and weaknesses of my key employees? What can I do financially to handcuff those key employees so it is difficult for them to leave? 

4. What if cash flow doesn't improve?

How will I leave my business and cash out if cash flow doesn't improve? How can I incent my key employees to work hard to drive more business...More cash flow?   What is my business exit strategy?


Employee and Executive Benefit Strategies

In today's business climate, there are many options to consider when developing a benefits strategy.  Business owners recognize the need for flexible, dependable products that fit their diverse employee needs.  We provide customized plans to creatively accommodate these needs.  We not only recommend solutions, we implement and routinely monitor your plan should a need for a change arise.  We negotiate with carriers on your behalf to assure you are getting the most for your money.  And, we provide communication to you and your employees to help ensure that everyone not only understands their coverage, but also gets the best use of it.  We make sure your succession planning process is seamless.


Long-term Guidance

We aide businesses through their growth stages.  When a business is young it needs to offer owners and employees basic benefits.  As the business matures and changes those needs become different.  The aide at that stage of a business’s development could be a business exit strategy or a succession plan process that works for the business owner.  We help business owners with choices to achieve the most optimal results for the best possible outcome

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